London Mothers Club

London Mothers Club wanted quite an advanced website that would not only allow them to inform their users about events that were taking place, but would also allow them to assign events to certain locations.

Users would be able to enter their postcode and have the website show them the nearest locations that London Mothers Club were active in. From here they would be able to select their preferred location and the website would display events that were in their preferred location. Once the user has selected their preferred location, they are also able to then see a list of upcoming events and a list of past events in their preferred area.

As well as events, the client is also able to post location based blog articles. This allows them to post news or updates for specific locations ensuring that they are always targeting the correct users.

The website also gives the user the chance to sign up to the London Mothers Club newsletter which can also be location specific allowing the client to email either all of their members or just the members from a specific location.

In addition to the above, the website does incorporate a few less complex sections including a gallery section, a friends section where the client can list their partners and also a press section where the client can list external articles that they have been mentioned in.